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INFINITO 2017 of the unorthodox poets society

Born October 26, on the South Side of Chicago’s Wild Hundred Area. A Scorpio who is dedicated to Facts in his Hip Hop Music and Art.  The worlds first Regular Black Dude. This is the situation its like the summer of 1989 in Dixmore a suburb of Chicago, Illinois a 13 year old young man named Marcellous Lamont Lovelace had been in the basement for weeks planning out the next creative venture in his life, then all of a sudden it strikes him like a bolt of lightning I’m going to record music from this point on. With the assistance of his Hip Hop rhyming older cousin he begins his mission. He went up stairs and said hey man I want to record some music, he told his cousin that I need some beats so after gaining the appreciation of his gifted older idol he ran back down to the basement and told his younger cousin who would later become his partner. Within hours he changed his name from Dariel Dashon Franklin to the MC Dariel D and Marcellous would change himself into the M C ML (Master of ceremony Marcellous Lovelace) with a group called L D P how simple just take the letters in your government name and you have Lamont and Dariels Posse. After hours of planning they figured it out we can take two boom box radios and put them together, one for the music and another for the sound, but what about the microphone well we will try this for now. Recording over a loop of the Big Pay Back by Mr. James Brown it went down we write the hooks then freestyle the verse. Several hours later you have what was to be the first album that began his love of recording -music. They did that until the summer was over then again when they met up on holidays and long school breaks.

It was all love until Marcellous mother surprised him with we moving to Fort Knox, Kentucky, ending so soon its now 1990 and Marcellous has moved back and forth from Kentucky to Illinois and back. What a life stressed out, introverted, and shy out in the middle of know where Marcellous resorted to his love free styling raps to the white kids in Kentucky and at home to his brother. Making over ten freestyle tapes a week over other peoples beats. It was all for the love until a few disagreements with his mother that caused another move to Memphis, Tennessee to live with his grandmother in the summer of 92.

Now away from his cousins and brother Marcellous new word was alone. Being introduced to down south gangster rap Marcellous was side tracked from gaining any type of fame from music because he felt in his heart that all Hip Hop was suppose to be original and have a positive message not about money just creativity. So he just free styled to his self and did it for the love. Now its 1994 after graduating from high school in Memphis Marcellous moved back home to Chicago again. He began working and living in the city with his father. This situation probably made Marcellous the strong man that he is today because living with the father taught him about respect and how to love the family he did have. Then it happened he went from let down to rejection yes tragedy Marcellous’s partner in rhyme Dariel D had passed away due to violence in the inner city. Never to record again this group was now left as a tattooed memory on his arm. Saddened and very disagreeable with his father Marcellous had to move back to Memphis to start over again. Threw this he lost and gained romantic relationships and collected allot of college bills. Nothing has seemed to work out right sense the death of Dashon. In 1995 he got into that trap called credit and bought him some turntables, some vinyl records, a mixer, speakers, and a tape deck. It has finally happened Marcellous can record directly into a mix. Making recordings daily he trained his vocal chords to have maximum breath control. Now he is ready to take this act beyond the open mic and the cipher its time to make albums, but before hand another tragedy one of his closet uncles passed away. Stress was the year no out look with anything until the fall of 1996. Now its time for the rebirth of the basement rhymes, vocalist, and style supplier. After, entering his third year at school at Memphis college of Art Marcellous ran into a few characters from around the country, that all respected his style and his character. The show down that set off a lot of the material he’s recorded comes from this time period. Open microphone night a battle with the out of Towners versus the local crews, beef and intensity was in the room every week until, one week Marcellous ran into his future support system that we know as only Wade locally known in Memphis as Mr. Skurge. This man prepped Marcellous on how to record on tracks, mpc 2000, and more live shows.

Yes Wade knew it all and how to do it not only did he give Marcellous a new name to add to his belt he gave him confidence to be original publicly and not just make music for his own enjoyment, but for others. Infinito was the name he was given meaning, this guy just cannot stop rhyming? But honestly Infinito means Timeless, Infinite, and Boundless. The first sessions were sloppy and from those came a freestyle album as usual. Then the 4 track mishaps, next the main piece the Documentary. Wade and Marcellous did plenty of shows in Memphis with rock bands and hip-hop groups under the name The Unorthodox Poets Society. This group name came from a failed 97 attempt to get students at the University of Memphis to form a hip-hop organization for the school. After all these let downs not including record companies and print media Marcellous moved back to Chicago in 98 to become something for the city of his birth. Marcellous encountered much rejection from all directions except for two crews the Molemen and the Nacrobats. He later joined the Nacrobats during the finalizing of his seventh or eighth album later moving once again to explore life in Atlanta, Georgia and back to Chicago. Yes and from all this moving he has gained acceptance from a large audience of followers world wide and picked up production from Molemen inspired allot of people to take the do it your self-approach. Marcellous brings pure original, underground hip-hop.

In 2003 Marcellous began working with the Molemen and you can witness this progress at Marcellous Lamont Lovelace, a proud Chicago South Side MC, is now known outside his locale as Infinito 2017. Ever since his decision to make Hip Hop his creative venture in the summer of 1989 he has kept himself busy. With projects too numerous to list, Infinito has kept true to his namesake. Add that to his talents as a painter and a political activist, and you have the makings of an artist. Aside from his solo projects, Infinito is also part of the Unorthodox Poets Society with Mr. Skurge. His upcoming album will be collaboration with the Molemen, who were impressed by his work ethic that eventually caught the attention of Fat Beats Records. As his upcoming single states, ” It’s Not That Difficult,” Infinito can do the impossible.

In 2004 Marcellous linked forces with Thaione Davis to form I.T. INFINITO (2017) and Thaione (Davis) a combination of production and instant lyrics from instant thought process. 

Look out for the many ventures to come in the near future always new and always fresh Holla side wayyz Infinito is not in the building. The worlds first Regular Back Dude. Infinito also has over 25 videos to go with over 35 albums or more that he has created in his hip hop lifetime with his own label Nephew of Frank Records (formulated for the love he has for his Family in Chicago, Arkansas, Memphis Atlanta, Philly, Cali and all over Frank is short for Franklin his immediate Families original last name and shortened form of one of his uncles (Dariel ds father) name), by him-self and with the help of others. He needs no one to make him work he is motivated from his own heart and love of being creative. Also Infinito has his own label, which includes the many versions of himself look for him on CD, Vinyl, Tape, Video and DVD and all multi media formats in your lifetime. A 15 year and counting work of art in the making cant nobody build Marcellous Infinito Lovelace because he is boundless. 2017 is just the beginning. 
 (disgruntle employees) More coming soon 2017 / 7102



The Saga of the Twisted Turmoil 
by Marcellous Lovelace

1975 Born in Chicago IL


1980 – 1991 Started doing Art and Making Hip Hop music, break dancing doing graf writing


1992 I had just moved back to Fort Knox Kentucky for the second time my mother was stationed here. The first time I came here I really did not like it and left as soon as possible. I encountered racism regular basis in Kentucky. This was during the Gulf War so my high school class collected a lot of information on Iraq. 

1993 I had just moved to Memphis to live with my grandmother that summer. She needed some one with her in Memphis. When I first entered Hamilton High I did not know anyone and I was a real introverted. So I stayed to myself and never got to know anyone at Hamilton. 

1994 This is the year I graduated Hamilton High. When the school year ended that year I moved back to Chicago and lived with my father. I did not like 
Memphis when I first lived there. My cousin Shon died this year. He was beaten into a concussion and later passed away. 


1995 My uncle Normal Main passed away this year on the same day as my cousin the year before. I do not know how he died. By the end of this year 
I was back in Memphis living with my mother. 


1996 A very creative time of my life when I first met my good friend Wade and began recording music with him. I met one of my first real girl friends. She told me that we should see other people because she must explore other situations. I also began my second go round at Memphis College of Art and  became cool with a lot of people I know to this day like Keith. 


1997 I started school at Memphis State University but never finished the semester. I went to jail for zero tolerance in which the arresting officers said there was no direct reason I was just out at the wrong time. My friend Keith from Miami was with me he also was locked up. The case was dropped after the police officer couldn't tell which person was driving; we spent lots of money on court cost and a civil rights attorney. I began painting a picture a day this year to get over all the pain. 

1998 I applied to the Art Institute of Chicago but was denied due to not being able to deal with one situation. Meaning I was not settle. I entered school at Columbia College. 

1999 I entered school at Northern Illinois University and did not finish the semester. I met T. Mitchell (love of my life so far) who to this day is the best woman I never got to really know. I have no clue to this day why we never connected. Guess I was bashful. I also moved to Atlanta this year with my younger brother. This was the best of times due to having all my own. 

2000 My brother and me moved from Atlanta to an apartment on South Shore in Chicago. My little brother had a son and named him after me. My little 
brother moved back to Atlanta to live with our mother. He wanted to take care of his son so he moved back. 

2001 I d begin my second semester straight at Columbia College in the spring and my last thus far and enter at Chicago State University in the 
fall. Id record my twentieth album and paint my 1000th painting or more. I visited New York for the first time. 

2002 I visited New York for the second time and go back once more before years end to attend the 25th anniversary of the Rock Study Hip Hop event. 
got a 12inch distributed deal for my music through Fat beats New York. Released my 27th or so album. And I still cant decide if I like school so I enter at the Art Institute of Chicago. 2003 got another apartment on 83rd….went back to Kennedy king college. ..met some crazy females and ended up working at fed ex in bedford park il…. 2004 worked at dunkin dounuts that sucks…. 2005 got removed from art school lost my apartment in chicago on 83rd and Marshfield  (my land lord died)….hmmm back at  university of memphis  had to move to Atlanta again and ended up in Memphis until spring 2005 and i got this Scholarship to goto San Francisco Art Institute and finish my Art degree ….yeahh joe 2006 Man my lift got more debt and struggle .. found the lady love of my life .. dropped out of school in Cali .. started working at UPS got kicked out for being to real .. started working at a high school and ended up not likeing it cause it was to fake and sad the way students are treated.Got a little to much and became real ill towards folk at times. 2007 Lost the lady of my dreams only to reconnect and lost again????? Made about 14 albums that all came out. Reconnected with my??? OF HIP HOP AND STARTED WORKING ON MOST HIGH DEFINITION FOR 08 disconnected with bad waste.Moved back to Chicago (why / its hard ).Worked at Wetzels Pretzels. 2008 Went back to Kennedy King (why)? Most High Definition – and reconnected with ??? …whoaaaaa.Still.. back to Chicago (its no real gain). Silly jobs .. got sick .. and and and .. 2009 got a bachelors degree … made about 10 albums 2010 went to grad school / released and made over 10 albums … went to Jamaica
2011 went on international tour with Thaione Davis and Cos G / recorded over 10 albums and released  /


Went to multiple Island Countries 2012 Graduated from University of Memphis with Masters Degree / Traveled most of the United States / Completed several Art Exhibitions2013 SLOW AND NOT ME .. MADE MORE ALBUMS MORE ART STILL 2014 MORE ALBUMS MORE ART …2015 GET MONEY MORE ART MORE MUSIC  




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Kitchen Mix Review

Your favorite Kitchenmixers got a chance to catch up with artist and emcee, Infinito 2017. Yo, this dude puts in work. If he’s not penning a verse he’s creating on canvas; a master with the mic and the brush. Keep up as we get down with the portrait of an artist as a grown man; handling business and spreading his message.



Infinito 2017 – Divided Souls: Africans in America

A Future When I first heard “Out With The Old,” I think I played it about four times in a row. It’s that good. The track takes a ceaseless vibraphone sample that sounds like it’s been filtered through a really thick blanket before reaching your ears and is pushed on by the fuzzy bass line. While the production itself sounds incredible, it’s pretty clearly a lo-fi product. And while that approach to sound has recently been embraced in the rock world, it might not fly in hip hop – and that would be a bloody shame, seriously.

Infinito: 2017 doesn’t cop some futuristic stance like those dudes in Outkast or even like those weirdos on Mush Records (as a disclaimer, I like those folks, they just seem odd). Instead, the emcee/producer/high minded thinker positions himself as a unifier of culture. It seems like a pretty lofty goal, but the rapper’s aim is pretty clear even from a brief examination of his newest full length disc entitled Divided Souls: Africans in America – he also apparently enjoys colons. The disc itself, though, is framed by an (imaginary?) interview with a British woman who asks various questions interspersed with the actual songs here. It isn’t a distraction, but I gotta say that she gets kind of annoying by the end of the disc.

Growing up in Chicago and being sent back and forth between Memphis and the larger northern city that Infinito called home must have some how colored his outlook on race in the Americas. This disc surely isn’t going to be taken away from white folks, but with the overall bent of the lyrical content focusing on black folks and how they’re beautiful, it might make some listeners wonder what they’re listening for. Of course, the approach to rap in order to raise awareness and cultural pride is one of the original intentions of the genre and should continue. But in his attempt to make a name for him self , Infinito dismisses a portion of the hip hop buying populace, which is intergalactic at this point.

Beyond that, though, Infinito just comes off better as he examines the culture of hip hop as opposed to the folks that founded it. In the aforementioned song, “Out with the Old,” the emcee deftly name checks a huge number of groups while still being able to weave a loose narrative around them. It isn’t Slick Rick, but what is anymore? “Forget Yesterday,” while touching on the fact that he moved around as a child, gets into relationship territory and again succeeds pretty effortlessly.

There aren’t club bangers and really, the biggest possible fan base for this flighty emcee is gonna be the back packer crowd. In addition to those insightful raps, the production here is laid back and smoker friendly. Nothing represented on Divided Souls: Africans in America is gonna change the game, but even in that Infinito pays his respect to the folks that came before him. And really, that’s the thesis of his career thus far. As long as the emcee keeps to this track – as well as self producing those videos – we’ll hear from him again. Hopefully, soon.


Most High Definition /Jensen 

 Marcellous Lovelace, aka INFINITO 2017, was born on the South Side of Chicago but bounced back and forth between there and Memphis, Tennessee through most of his adolescence and early adulthood. His new album, “Most High Definition,” is the defining moment in his career. Partly based on the Will Smith movie, “I Am Legend,” it melds images of isolation and the future with organic hip-hop.


 Most High Definition /

One of the best sets of blueprint hip hop from Infinito 2017 — a busy MC who manages to keep the quality level top notch — this time out featuring a pretty impressive roster of guest producers & MCs! Marcellous succeeds by consistently dropping truth and wisdom without fail — this time out with soulful beats by Thaione, Ptah, Fatnice of 84, Memo from the Molemen, Count Bass D, Dug Infinite and Insight — and guest rhymes by some of those cats, plus I Self Divine, Mr Skurge, 9th Scientist & others. Titles include “Forthcoming Expectations” feat Queen Nilaja and Rising Sun, “The Akan”, “On My Way Back Home” feat Thaione Davis, “Cornbread” feat 9th Scientist and Trek 19, “My Boom Box”. “The Making”, “Windows Closed”, “Rebirth Of A Nation” feat Truth Universal, Mr Skurge & Thaione Davis, “Bo Deen”, “Black Friday Madness”, “In Love With The Mic”, “Super Duper Nubians”.


 Most High Definition  / Blackmusiclovers.Net

Marcellous Lovelace más conocido como Infinito 2017, oriundo de Chicago es reconocido por capacidad creativa. Los inicios de éste Mc fueron gracias a su primo b-boy, el cual le enseño los elementos del Hip-Hop. La carrera de Infinito 2017 comenzó en el año 89, como maestro de ceremonia y al ver su talento uno de su primo decido grabar un disco de Freestyle. Con el tiempo logró darse a conocer, no sólo por su música ya que también se destaca en otros ámbitos, como la literatura Infinito 2017 tiene bajo su brazo cerca de 10 libros, en los cuales habla de diversos temas. Si hablamos de la carrera musical de este artista, ésta sería una reseña demasiado extensa, ya que tiene demasiados trabajos todos están grabados desde sus inicios. Pero haremos poder se síntesis y nos concentraremos en su último trabajo titulado Most High Definition, un álbum que contiene 21 track, el cual mantiene su estilo ya conocido desde sus trabajos anteriores. Sin duda alguna Infinito 2017 nuevamente nos trae un excelente trabajo, de donde se le mire ya que con el contenido en las letras, son realmente buenas tomando temas punzantes de la sociedad y también habla de sus propias experiencias y en lo musical es un rap bien marcado bajo el ritmo de los bombos y cajas. Quizás no es el Hip-Hop que se escucha actualmente ya que éste se asimila a ese rap más clásico. Lo que no deja que éste sea un gran álbum. Bueno como dicen sobre gustos no hay nada escrito y acá los dejo con Infinito 2017 y su álbum llamado Most High Definition.


I.T. (Infinito 2017 & Thaione):
– “Low Income Housing” is picked as best release in 2004 by
– “Low Income Housing” in stores now!!!

Since 911, this country has been conditioned into a fear state…. Hip Hop community has become very image driven and as people we have only become more and more divided…. Yet, independent artists depend on word of mouth! But the corporations set such a high standard of image, it become hard to present anything to anyone…… Yet, hip hop keeps manifesting, people are non-stop, and we keep discovering ourselves….

Sometimes the underdog win ones and this time its the Infinito team… When you pick up a cd with a song titled MK ULTRA, you know they know what’s up… I have to give these guys an A + in activism and right views…..

If you seek more information on the truth, please listen to our online radio interviews and real activism: It will help you understand Namasteezy, And our language and our way of happening…


Most High Definition / Okay Player

Posted on 07/21/2008 
Though its common knowledge that hip-hop is a form of poetry, it’s always important to remember that as much as they are the same, they are also different. These differences become clear when we think about free verse poetry that exists without rhyme. Or even when we hang our heads at the lack of success had by spoken word CDs. Or when we hear albums like Infinito 2017’s, Most High Definition.

I don’t think Infinito even necessarily considers himself a poet, rather than a rapper. That’s the issue. As an emcee, unfortunately, you do have boundaries, and techniques necessary to make the music conducive to listening. If not, you get what seems like a poem, or a speech, with music as the backdrop. Two separate entities, neither made with the other in mind, create the dissonant sound that is Most High Definition.

Infinito 2017 has a message though. He tackles topics like self-discovery, police brutality, consumerism, and politics, with an intense, passionate delivery, laid over hard knocking beats. It’s just that they are usually laid on the offbeat, and are often free of rhyme and structure. This has worked in the past for emcees like RZA and MF Doom, but it isn’t as potent here. But after deciphering what he’s trying to convey, I wish it was. I also wish he considered himself a spoken word artist. Then, Most High Definition wouldn’t be as disappointing.

- Jason Reynolds


You and Eye

Beat arranger Unagi and Chicago emcee once again join forces on this 7-song EP. Hip-hop that’s political, socially conscious, and adverturous both in the lyrical format and Unagi’s challenging compositions. Sweet samples that aren’t always just heavy on the bass are looped with funky abandon. You can nod your head or shake your rump to the clever beats. While it’s only 17 minutes long, “You and Eye” is powerful hip-hop that will change people’s perspectives.

– J-Sin


Unagi & Infinito 2017 – You and Eye
Thursday, August 9, 2007 

Have you got your hands on issue 66 of Thick Magazine yet? The ‘Producer Issue’ has a text book’s worth of beat making knowledge. One of the most interesting characters featured is Unagi. This Bay Area cratedigger has our ears’ attention over here. In the interview he mentioned a few projects he’s been working on, one of which is You and Eye, his new collaboration EP with Chitown’s Infinito 2017. All seven tracks here have that feel good early ’90’s sound that Unagi has mastered. With beats like this you expect some smoothly delivered raps. Not here. The lyrically gifted Infinito’s janky flow seems heavily influenced by Kool Keith. Not the Ultra Magnetic flow, the new millennium, awkward, exploring new ground type flow. I guess with the name 2017 you can’t expect some regular shit. Songs like Game Winning Moment and On Air Takeover had my head nodding. I could be wrong but it felt like Infinito was freestyling this whole album. It has these moments of dopeness that are similar to when a rapper hits his stride during an off the dome freestyle. My favourite joint on here is A Day That Don’t End. This beat really suits Infinito’s style and it ends this album on a positive note. And another from SF indie record spot :

”Over the course of three solid albums, the Bay Area’s Unagi has blended traditional hip hop with the smooothest love-you-down r&b and soul. On his latest release, he’s joined by Memphis based MC Infinito 2017. Combined, their sound is super loose and laidback (especially on the mildly chaotic track “On Air Takeover”), but exceedingly ‘up’ vibe-y. Seven tracks addin’ up to 17 minutes of good times!”

MP3s: It’s A Thug World For Us (Infinito: 2017, Plastic Little)


MP3s: It’s A Thug World For Us (Infinito: 2017, Plastic Little)

Posted Mon Apr 21 12:36pm PDT by Ken Micallef in

Thugs get a bad name, no doubt about it. What with every Nelly, Lil Romeo, and Ying Yang Twins stinking up the airwaves, how can a real thug get a break? Gone (well, almost gone) are the days when Snoop could instantly count on platinum album success, and forget about the marvels of majesty that once emanated from the mouths and MPCs of Flavor Flav, Chuck D, RZA and the like. Sure, Busta Rhymes has a new album, Blessed, in the can, but really who cares about Busta Rhymes? When is the last time Busta produced something as brain locking as It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back or Fear of a Black Planet? Never, right? I may be mixing apples with oranges, east coast with west, the 80s with the 00s, but talent knows no boundaries.

Today’s choice for heroic gangsta/sonic sampling wizardry come courtesy Infinito: 2017 and Plastic Little.

A visit to Infinito: 2017’s website doesn’t clear up matters as to whether the act is a group or simply 2017 himself. Listing band members as “HERU, INFINITO: 2017, THOTH, Markus Garvey, MA’AT, I AM 720, THE 5%, CHILDREN OF THE SUN,” the site instantly links to MySpace, and the artist(s)’ fantastic, earth mother drenched, historically learned and sonically sophisticated sounds.

Alluding to buried Biblical messages, Egyptian mystery school wisdom, and the struggle of year’s past, “Monday Aneya Aseju” drapes a God oriented tale with crackling piano and beat samples, and what sounds like Odetta or Miriam Makeba singing gospel homilies. The track deepens with some wicked sample riffage, and the slick line, “I thought Indie.Arie was Venus Williams on a budget.” It’s slow mo, and drop dead slacker sensitive, a behind-the-beat mighty dub drop groove fest. But is it gangsta? (Next up, a beautiful bossa nova scented rap, “Jonah 38,” pure sweet symmetry recalling Gil Scott Heron).

Scrolling down the 2017 site, further curiosities appear: calls to join the African revolution starring Haile Selassie, a quiz (“Which Egyptian God or Goddess do you represent?”), and links to further solo works: IT – Low Income Housing, Infinito:2017 – For The Love Of Naked Black Women,  Roddny Dangrr Fild: Tragedy in Bar Sequences, and A Regular Black Dude Movie Pt. 1. Who needs Blaxploitation movie comps when you’ve got tales this interesting?

Infinito: 2017 features, among other things and themes, “the thoughts of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing of the The Isis Papers,” discussing the largely secret history of Black America.

from “Welcome To the World of Hmmmmm”


Infinito – Music With Sound Right Reasoning (Birthwrite)

Music With Sound Right Reasoning Change Around Qualified Professional #27 Black Chicago Vocal Capability Chicago, Illinois will never leave the map. A proud representative has spoken again. While one of the most dedicated hip-hop cradles once mainly was recognized for the old Common Sence, the city of Chicago could very well be looked upon as the most prospering and quality-guaranteed stops in a search for sincere music. There’s something about that city, no doubt. The next encounter you should face right now is the up-and-coming independent Birthwrite. With artists like Overflo, Pugslee Atomz & Lord360 – time has now come for Infinito to shine.

 With the lead single “Qualified Professional” hitting stores last summer, I hope some of you have had the chance to peep Infinito already. If not, here’s your chance. And you should take it, because “Music With Sound Right Reasoning” gives you a lot back in the terms of an experience. The man’s raising the bar, taking a challenge really. Infinito’s rhymes are LOADED with explosive emotions, reflections and clear insight. The in-depth “Shadow Hours” (produced by Memo of the Molemen) displays some of that, dedicated love is present in “Lost Energy” and Memo laces another heavy one for Infinito in “Right At 26” while DJ Noble adds important turntable work.

Production wise, it’s no doubt that the Molemen beats on “Music With Sound Right Reasoning” may be the most longlasting so to speak. But one of the additional producers, Mixx Massacre, is doing well with original beats on the sureshot “Seeing Is Knowing”, the charismatic “Escaping The Turmoil” and most definitely “At Night I Can’t Sleep” – on which Infinito addsparanoid, yet very easy related lyrics. Again, the main surplus of this record is the energy of Infinito and the openminded attitude he’s presenting. Technically, it feels like he’s close to overload on some tracks. And as a whole, “Music With…” is maybe stretching over a too long period of time. Don’t really wanna complain on quantity, but 74 minutes without some loss in focus is impossible. But then again, attitude means a lot. Combined with the energy that literally really breathes through Infinito and his lyrical styles makes “Music With Sound Right Reasoning” a great discovery.


Infinito – To Know American EP (M.I.H. / Nephew Of Frank)

Nubians In Devastated Places (144) Dealing With Negativity Locked Inside Rules Conflict Diamonds  New material from Chicago based emcee Marcellous Lovelace, also known as Infinito 2017. Everyone should own a copy of his banger with Memo from last summer titled “Qualified Professional” and hopefully some of you also recognized the man on his recent “Music With Sound Right Reasoning” full length on Birthwrite Records. Staying creative, Infinito is now releasing the “To Know American” EP with 6 new tracks – all of them produced by acknowledged Chitown beatsmith Mixx Massacre. Setting it off right away, “Nubians In Devastated Places (144)” sees Infinito spitting thoughts over this mellow, jazzy beat working well. Styles are flipped for the up tempo efforts in “Dealing With Negativity” and while the interaction between Infinito & Mixx Massacre works great here, it’s still the A-side’s finishing “Locked Inside Rules” that wins our hearts with its sincere beat and Infinito’s humble & creative lyricism. Having his lyrical strength in his ability to handle multiple discussions on the mic, Infinito is joined by Soul Child (of N.M.B. fame) for some straight back-2-back wordplay on the b-side’s “The Willimam Lynch Treatment”. Theme is continued on the finishing, rowdy “Conflict Diamonds” and what happens on “To Know American” is that we are left with a nice overall experience. Mixx Massacre’s assistance breaks ground for Infinito who, as an emcee, always seems to make sure to develop his styles all the time. Still keeping it gritty, Infinito represents with everything that hip-hop music is really about.


Infinito 2017 & Unagi – You and Eye (442) / US release date: 24 July 2007

I love what Unagi does. The California beatmaker stitches soul samples and all manner of groovy bits into fine sonic tapestries. I bet he time travels in Doc and Marty McFly’s car from Back to the Future, and he goes spelunking through the hollows of the ’70s and ’80s, mining glorious audio coal to fuel his beat-smithing. But, as I’ve said before-about last year’s It Came from Beneath the SFC and this year’s Unagi For Lovers-I don’t always love what emcees do to what Unagi does (and that goes for Unagi’s own microphone fiendishness too). Things are different this time. For You & Eye, Unagi enlists Chicago, Illinois emcee Infinito 2017 (Marcellous Lovelace) to do the lyrical honors, and the results finally do justice to Unagi’s handiwork. The collaboration makes sense, given that Infinito positively rocked It Came from Beneath the SFC’s “Expanded & Up to Date”.  Here, Infinito breathes fire over this 7-track collaboration, with a barrage of flows that surprise like freestyles but cohere like spoken word. His stream of social consciousness connects nicely with Unagi’s curling basslines, soaring horns, and hard knock beats, as well as Unagi’s knack for tempo changes that would buck the average emcee with the force of a mechanical bull.

Things I would have loved: (1) “On Air Takeover”, the title of the third track, being used as the album title instead of the play on the “U” and “I” in Unagi and Infinito’s names; (2) more songs, more songs, more songs-there’s only six (excluding the intro but including the 1 minute, 17 second “Use Your Mind Right” and its delightful zippity-do-dah keys); (3) longer songs, ’cause the longest ones only last about three minutes (“Game Winning Moment”, “Leave Me Alone”); and (4) more elaboration from Infinito about his Africa-is-for-the-African perspective, as the U.S.’s news coverage has generally been thin when it comes to international issues of indigenous sovereignty and native land title. The “6” I’m giving You & Eye is deceptive because this joint contains material that’s better than a “good” rating. But, with a running time of about 17 minutes, it’s like trying to be happy with a mere glimpse of your soulmate-it’s just enough to convince you of the possibilities, but not enough for you to feel satisfied.


Infinito – Roddney Dangrr Fild  / written by  Low Key    

“You speak a good game, but you sound all the same.” Infinito 2017 is different. No, not Andre 3000 different, but in the sense that Infinito pushes to uplift his people and the Hip Hop culture – unlike most artists these days. Infinito speaks with a refreshing passion that instantly draws you to his music. No – he’s not the flashiest emcee and he won’t amaze you with his flow or wordplay, but it’s the message behind the music that stands out. This holds true on the Chicago emcee’s latest album Roddny Dangrr Fild – Tragedy In Bar Sequences.

Throughout the album, Infinito succeeds in delivering poignant songs touching on various social and political issues. Over Memo’s (of the Molemen) gorgeous piano loop on “Study Guide Page 3,” Infinito delves into the destruction of his community, asking, “What lie do you live, what do you need the most/To do more wrong and kill my black folks.” With “This Black Girl Bad,” Infinito tells the story of a girl named Latisha, who struggles to find herself. And on “I.K.E. Turner,” Infinito tells all the money hungry woman who he is by proclaiming, “I can’t pay your way or make it easy for you to live/No apologizes, him I can’t be.”

With solid production, well-written songs and rich content, Roddny Dangrr Fild is that balanced meal you need in your life. Filled with vitamins and minerals, the album provides a much-needed break from the barrage of junk food thrown in your face everyday. So listen up, because Infinito 2017 is going to feed you that substance you need.


IT (Infininto & Thaione) – Low Income Housing (Low Key)

Some artists are stuck in the golden era of Hip Hop. Remember those days when the only thing that mattered was how well you rocked a mic? By the looks of it, many have forgotten, but not IT. Consisting of emcee Infinito (of Molemen fame) and producer Thaione Davis, IT is a product of Hip Hop’s golden age. In fact, if you were not aware that this is 2005, than you would swear Infinito and Thaione Davis’ debut albumLow Income Housing was made ten years ago. With Infinito’s poignant rhymes and Thaione’s vintage production, the group succeeds in delivering an original and noteworthy debut.

While Low Income Housing may not be every listener’s cup of tea, especially those wanting to hear a more “updated” sound. For those that grew up on early 90’s boom bap, the album will find a place in your heart that has been empty for a while. Infinito’s opening lines on “My Life Creation #63” epitomize the album perfectly. “I’m from a time when Hip Hop wasn’t pop and the mainstream world didn’t care about us”. The blues and jazz influenced track is one of the albums true gems, with Thaione’s triumphant horns adding some rich texture to the track.

The warm and soulful feel of the title track “Low Income Track” is another standout effort. Infinito delivers his own brand of social commentary and asks “black people to unite”. More simulating knowledge is dropped by Infinito on “Acknowledge The After”, while the group lightens up on other tracks such as “You Are Not It” and “Bubblegum Artist”.

Infinito & Thaione’s Low Income Housing is a welcomed change of pace in an industry infatuated with duplicating the hot trend of the moment. The album is consistently strong from beginning to end and it will captivate you with its intelligence and strong messages.


Infinito :: Music With Sound Right Reasoning :: 
as reviewed by Tom Doggett

Regardless of musical quality, it’s always nice to see an emcee heading in another direction. Most heads would agree that there has been a distinct lack of innovation from a lyrical standpoint. For all of the Roc-a-Fella clones and 50-Cent imitators, there are very few Immortal Techniques and Ghostfaces. This isn’t always a bad thing, as emcees nowadays are just giving the people what they want to hear, and moving units is a legitimate motive for any businessman. The artists I’m thinking of cannot be faulted, they are simply caught up in the machine.

Maybe all of this predictable posturing is a blessing, because it makes an artist like Infinito sound that much fresher. Infinito is an emcee’s emcee, a rapper who is far more concerned with awareness than raking in dough. Throughout his 2002 record “Music With Sound Right Reasoning,” he expresses his own unique views on the industry and just about everything else. Infinito is one of those emcees who isn’t remarkably gifted, but he has a voice and isn’t afraid of expressing his opinions, however unorthodox they might be.

After the obligatory intro, the title track kicks the record off. Over a solid production credit from Memo of the Molemen, Infinito drops his thesis, making his purpose clear. The organ on the track is slightly haunting, and provides the inspiration for Infinito’s verbal barbs:

“Bitch kids should be punished for rhyming about nothing
Wackness on the mic shouldn’t exist
Who you frontin’, I’m all live
Kill your dead-ass mind
Even when I come twice I’m still one of a kind
Basic complexity, physics, calculus, trigonometry
I keep it right like Posdnous and Badu
 On drums like Tito Puente, OK”

Infinito is not the best emcee, but his intent is certainly there. His rhymes aren’t especially complex, and he doesn’t have a particularly extensive vocabulary. In this sense, he is a relatively ordinary rapper. He separates himself from the others with his subject matter on songs like 

“Seeing is Knowing”:

“Connection’s restored, as I aggravate paper with misdirected anger
Fear from seclusion, accused of petty crimes
Battle dudes who write pretty rhymes
Boys are too much fantasy, not enough male role model”

For much of the record, Infinito’s rhymes act as a steady stream of thoughts from an intelligent, guided emcee. To an extent, he is a battle rapper, but his focus is on dragging down the fakers than braggadocio. He unfortunately spends more time battling than he should, but every word has honorable intentions. The most intriguing moments on the LP showcase a more pensive, abstract greatness. 

Infinito: 2017 and Future Times

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Sardless: Infinito 2017 – We Are Dark REVIEWED BY ROW1

FRI 16 APR 10 / Rating: 7.9 / 10 / User Rating: 9.9 / 10

Infinito 2017, the Chicago native and self proclaimed worlds first regular black dude is prolifically up there with the likes of Kool Keith and Madlib (…combined) with an equally endless list of albums (apparently over 180 albums released to date) as well as 10 books and a few DVDs. In the spirit of all things sardless an Infinito 2017 album review is long over due.

The albums 16 tracks are produced by Black Sparx who bases the albums foundations on jazz (“Do you hear me” – sampling the popular Galt MacDermot) and 60/70s soul (“So Clearly“). Black Sparx doesn’t entirely keep things slow in the jazz/soul realm and speeds the music and Infinito 2017 up on one of my favorite tracks “Texture“.

Infinito 2017 does come across as a regular dude and for the most part the subject matter is about not limiting yourself with things that you can or can imagine relating to:

You think you special cause you went to schools?
Spend your lifetime acting like a fool,
Get drunk and being a bum,
Knocked out on a couch,
Go and play your part.

– “Learn Yourself”

Overall I found this album to ooze quality, which is especially surprising after 180 plus releases. Black Sparx’s more laid-back/relaxed/jazz/soul production suits Infinito’s style and I found it to be a bit more focused (and of better audio quality) than 2009s South Side Chicago to Egipt by way of Memphis. Check it out.


1. Sparx 2017 (Introduction)

2. Learn Yourself

3. Do You Hear Me

4. Texture

5. Spiritual Conditioning

6. God Is Good (Skit)

7. Adaptation (feat. Thaione Davis)

8. Relations

9. The Mother Plane

10. Land of the Ill (feat. Knuckles Bandit)

11. Current Events (Skit)

12. TV Show Actors

13. Eyewitness to Dopeness (feat. Life Long and Breez Evaflowin)

14. Petes 3 Wings

15. So Clearly

16. World

Sardless Tracks 

“Do you hear me”, “Texture” and “So Clearly”

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Sardless: Infinito 2017 – Outer Body Experience 9.0: Thinking The Unthinkable

row1 / Sun 31 Oct 10/ Rating: 8.5 / 10 / User Rating: 10.0 / 10

Infinito 2017 possesses somewhat of an uncanny ability to just get out there and record tracks and albums. Earlier in the year he released one of 2010s highlights We Are Dark, and now six months later he has further proved that quality and quantity can go hand in hand.

These dudes be blah blah blah on the mouth man,
Huh you suck anyway,
I make albums!

Those following Infinito 2017 updates on sardless will be familiar with the albums first (and outstanding) track “Analog B Boy“. Six months later the Geaux produced track’s drum claps and analogue distortion never fail to get me enthusiastic about the album. Looking at the track listing it is hard not to be enthusiastic about the album, with additional production by Unagi, DJ Swift, Thaione Davis and others it makes for a varied and essential listen. The production on We Are Dark focused on soul and jazz music, and while roots of soul and jazz music still remain on tracks such as Unagi’s “Indigo Moon” Outer Body Experience 9.0: Thinking The Unthinkable is taken with great success towards the boom bap spectrum of hip hop.

Outer Body Experience 9.0: Thinking The Unthinkable contains pretty much everything you need in an essential hip hop album: big beats, witty lyrics, dissin’ wack MC’s and some social commentary. Infinito 2017 has done the unthinkable (please excuse the pun) and topped the excellent We Are Dark, all in the space of half a year.


Sardless Tracks

“Analog B Boy”, “Rocking With The Best” and “Indigo Moon”


Track Listing

1. Clowns Everywhere (Intro)

2. Analog B Boy

3. Slap These Boys

4. Help Save Today

5. Rocking With The Best

6. Unapologetic

7. Who Inspires The Inspiration

8. Indigo Moon

9. Try Again

10. They Not Emcees

11. Let Me Learn You (Whatever)

12. Limit The Climax feat. Iomos Marad

13. Erotic Adorable Genius


Album Review: Infinito 2017-Divided Soul: Africans in America Blog

A Geek and His Blog  / Written by Markus Seaberry   Friday, 23 April 2010 17:23 Memphis, TN

Marcellous Lovelace aka Infinito 2017, is a rapper, artist, filmmaker, and magazine publisher. A Chicago native who is preparing to end his second stint in Memphis, Infinito may well be one of the most prolific emcees to ever reside in the Bluff City. He releases several albums a year with several labels, many of which are available on different internet hip-hop sites. Divided Souls: African in America was released last year, but definitely merits a closer look.

The album begins with the track “The Just Us’, which segues into “Vengeance Is Mine”. On the third track, “Reappearance”, Infinito speaks about the Indian Removal Act and the Middle Passage, expressing his frustration with lines like “Men menstruate, blood come out nose/You might get bent and folded if you come against this foe”. Infinito is one of the few people who could make a Ben Folds five reference and still be cool. “Out With the Old”, is a very fun track with an extremely addictive beat. Infinito is spitting egotistical rhymes while paying homage to old-school rappers such as Organized Konfusion, Boogie Down Productions, and Spoonie G. “Dynamite words, but I stay so def/Southside Chicago broke my hat to the left/ Fresh starter jackets with the new Air Force Ones/ Run for your life if you’ve got them new flights on”. The imagery in his words brings to mind every 80s hip-hop movie. “Black is Beautiful (Original Ones)” is another standout. Over a very funky track, Infinito shows his lyrical skills: “In the wrong place at the wrong tic-toc/ Spot gets knocked whenever props deserved/Dudes is soft, they ain’t got no words”.  Infinito closes out the album with “Who Reports His Story”. On this track, Infinito talks about his the need for African-Americans to come together and fight injustice: “No longer move, turn anger into fear/ The sound is on time, history is clear”.

Divided Souls: Africans in America is 19 tracks of awesome lyricism, stunning battle raps, and heartfelt social commentary. Infinito 2017 is a unique, honest, and highly talented artist whose music clearly deserves to reach a larger audience. Sadly, he is leaving this area soon. Although the underground hip-hop community will be sad to see him go, many of his fans are hopeful that wherever he ends up next, this album and the entirety of his vast catalog will finally cross over to mainstream audiences.

Divided Souls: Africans in America is available on iTunes and at


Infinito 2017 – Shes In The Wind

post from THE BROKE BBOYS on 20 July 2007 01:06:55 PM. © THE BROKE BBOYS

Infinito 2017From Lust Came Hate DownloadThe Walking Blind Downloadfrom She’s In The Wind (2007, Nephew of Frank Records)Since we love us some Infinito 2017 over here, We thought we’d let you catch the one that dropped this week. Here are the liner notes from the album:So they tell me it’s a learning experience.Well I’ve learned […]

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Get Your Skill Up | u r b a . n i z m


Вечно молодой и горячий, Infinito 2017, ранее известный как MCML – Master of Ceremony Marcellous Lovelace, начал карьеру в 89-м, организовав на пару с братом дуэт LDP (Lamont and Dariels Posse). Как и полагается настоящим олдовым котам зачитывали фристайлы на старенький здоровенный ghetto blaster. Это продолжалось ещё года четыре, пока однажды мама не купила на Рождество караоке. Это дало парню больше простора и он начитал около ста кассет всевозможных фристайлов, а капелла и под чужие биты. В 94-м брат покинул группу и Infinito занялся сольной карьерой, пока в 96-м не пересёкся с Mr. Skurge. С этой встречи Marcellous получил новое имя – Infinito, потому что он рифмовал постоянно и без умолку, зародился проект Unorthodox Poets Society.


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for Joe Left Hand Artist: vortx of distorsun –children of the sun

From South Central, California, Vortx Of Distorsun present their debut Children Of The Sun. A pretty mysterious release. I was passed a copy of it by a friend not long ago with nothing else but a solid recommendation. Not much information is found on the back cover, and it seems not much opinion of it exists online either.

The product description states “…a positive blend of fresh hip hop music that makes you want to listen again and again. An album that mixes the best of new school and true school hip hop samples…” and “An album that makes you think of the blues of Sun House to the jazz of Sun Ra over drums, from Clyde Stubblefield mixed by Bob Power.” On the whole, the album lives up to the hyperbole.

The production, handled by the collective of vortx of distorsun (Dion Brown, Jams da Boombox, Life Line Eternal, Cool D, In Otha Wordz) has that understated jazzy quality that gives the album a laid back, ambling pace. Chopped vocal samples of singer Azra Nawal are a common sound throughout the tracks, at times giving them an eerie sense of deja-vu, like a half remembered memory. Lyrics, by vortx of distorsun, are largely abstract and are delivered in harmony with the progressive instrumentals. Layered and echoed, they seem to approach from every corner of the track whilst fading in and out of themselves, further adding to the dream-like quality of the album.

A fairly concise listen at 11 tracks, with only a couple of those just breaking into 3 minutes long, it delivers on its claims in a subtle and care-free way. Enjoy the preview tracks above, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below…




Joe Left Hand Records




Max Bastin
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