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Joe Left Hand Nephew of Frank 
#75dab #biko70 #raygun81

"Grow Up Man Touch The Mic And"


Infinito 2017 "Segment of the Black American Entertainment Work " prod by Dion Brown

Stream ALBUM at www.soundcloud.com/infinito2017 Itunes #infinito2017 If you not Black there is no way you can understand my  Black Music! Freedom: Black People Are the Entertainment to this stolen land Art by Marcellous Lovelace we are not the work and labor for another’s advancement, they gain you work. You work they vacation at NCAA tournaments you work but you work and their children go to private schools but your community has poor education and schools are closing. They get Marshal Acts you get a drawing on the ground not even a wall but the ground they don’t like your life you go to work and be happy to buy junk that they don’t need or want you go to work you are labor #marcellouslovelace #blackart #painting #colored #drawing #freedom #75dab #biko70 #raygun81 #african #model #design Black Music no outside influence #cancelcolonizers / follow @infinito2017 on your media

1. Turn on that Lamont Show ft. Cuz Ross
2. Vision of Correction 
3. Morning Nights Early Welcome 
4. Create Shots Long Distances
5. Poor News Reports
6. The Blacks Deliverance from Their Hardships Skit
7. Comprise Don't Compromise 
8. Distort What they Show Vision
9. Not Social Media Cast 
10. Act A fool on 79th Mane ft. Cuz Ross